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Prueba de COVID-19 para viajeros

Prueba de detección para COVID-19

El Hospital CIMA San José ofrece a sus estimables pacientes y pasajeros de aerolíneas, la prueba de detección para COVID-19, la cual actualmente es requisito para ingresar a varios paises alrededor del mundo, incluyendo los Estados Unidos. Ponemos a disposición la prueba de PCR, la cual es necesaria para poder ingresar a paises como Canadá, […]

Covid-19 Testing for Airline Passengers

Covid Tests

Hospital CIMA offers Covid-19 testing for airline passengers as required by many governments around the world, including the United States. We offer both PCR tests, which are required for travel to Canada and parts of Europe and South America, as well as antigen tests. Both tests are accepted for entry by air travel to the […]

Let’s talk about Covid-19 vaccines

It was with great joy and hope that we received the news on December 24, 2020 in Costa Rica from the Health Authorities that the Covid-19 vaccination program would initiate. Without a doubt, vaccination is the most effective measure to reduce the number of cases and deaths arising from SARS Cov-2 infection. However, to ensure […]